Counting on Trust is Going on a Blog Tour!

Starting February 3, 2020, Mary Ferguson Powers and her new audiobook, Counting on Trust will be featured on over 25 blogs during a 4 week period. The tour is being managed by RABT Book Tours. You can follow the tour at the following link:

The tour will kick off with a “blog blitz” publicity event on Thursday, January 9, 2020.  Check it out at:

Where You Can Buy Counting on Trust

Counting on Trust is now available as an audiobook on the following sites:

Want the print or ebook version of Counting on Trust? You can buy it on Amazon.

More Information About Counting on Trust

Interviews with the author and informational updates are available on Mary Ferguson Powers’ Counting on Trust Facebook page. This is not meant to be a one-way experience. Share your thoughts and comments after listening to the audiobook.

Here is a PDF of the cast of characters you may find useful to help you follow the characters and their relationships in the story.

We hope you enjoy Counting on Trust!